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Art Direction / Production Design
Have you always been fascinated by those huge filmy sets? If yes, you have found a way to turn your fascination into reality. We at U Ours help you get that perfect setting, be it in a feature film, art film, TV series, daily soap operas or even your wedding, we would help at every step. From selection of props to their placement and managing the set, we provide a spectrum of services to help you turn your dream projects into reality. Once you are with us, you would not have to worry about the type, colour, price, material or anything else that is required in setting up the stage for the ultimate event.
Art direction is the flavour of any successful event and without proper management it would be like food without salt. Therefore, we are always one step ahead in thinking and implementing everything from tip to toe related to art direction. It includes arrangement and management of props, costumes and sets.
Gone are the days when weddings were held in simple pandals, today the venue of the wedding is one of the most important part. A destination wedding would have an entirely different décor than a wedding in a banquet hall. But the magic is done when the banquet hall is converted into an almost real looking destination. And how can this be achieved? Leave everything on us. You just have to dream we would make those dreams come alive.
With U Ours there would be no more casting issues. Our experienced casting directors would help you select the right face to make your project reach greatest heights. Be it a film, TV serial, ad campaign or a series we solve all your casting woes.
Art direction for a TV serial requires an experienced and effective team. With us you get the best of service by the best of people. In addition we also help you with location selection, transport and logistics, resource management, manpower management, budgeting, styling, designing and more.
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